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  Emma Adams
 " Fanciful Florals"

 A Stunning Floral Art Collection by Emma Adams,  Based in Chichester, West Sussex, England

 Emma's paintings are different ..... all her floral art is 'fanciful' - all imaginary! New in 2022 are her fanciful woodlands and forests. 


As the viewer, you see different flowers in every painting that you can relate to or seemingly recognise. 

...and the 'Best Part'....they reflect, shine, shimmer and sometimes seem to glitter in the light! Be this the natural sunlight, or when you put your lights on at home in the evening - then the paintings come to life!

81 golden light signed.jpg
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Emma Adams, Artist

I take inspiration from walks (and my photographs) around the South Downs to paint my fanciful floral and woodland landscapes. Painting makes me feel happy, fresh, awake and in a tranquil, peaceful and calm place. By painting what I love and what makes me personally feel happy inside, it makes my art honest and beautiful when I layer on the paint. I also love bold colour and with a busy field or landscape of flowers, there is a lot to look at and take in. Notice the skies, pollen dots and modern touches! 

NEW - now available for sale through my website are the hand painted wooden mushrooms! Check out my new page

PAINTING WORKSHOPS: see page for details 

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You can contact me by email, text or call me.

077 8888 1747

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